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Tutti Recruitti's Top 4 reasons to work at home

1. You don’t need to do any work

Office: Completed that spreadsheet yet Sheila? I'm sat right next to you. You have done nothing today. You're a disgrace

Home: Blanket, pyjamas, cup of coco. Tell you what I have completed. A crossword. And I don't care about your spreadsheet right now. All I care about is whether Daz is the father of his sister in laws 8th child. Jezza, Jezza, Jezza

2. Wear what you like

Please be aware of the strict dress code. Despite no clients ever stepping foot in this office and having complete disregard for human safety in this office oven you must wear wedding/funeral level attire. For the sales folk within this business greasy slicked back hair and a massive watch is also compulsory

This is the life. Lying back in yesterdays pants and socks with the air conditioning blasting against my nude upper body. Act professionally. Dress pantfessionally

3. Don't have to answer the phone

Can you answer that bloody phone Sheila. And can you please remove the Emmerdale ring tone. That soap ain't been current since Kim Tate was poisoning her mr

Ring ring. F off

4. England Semi final

You are drunk, you are fired

I am drunk, I am on fire! Waht aubot yuor sdphdsereat?