I don’t hire anyone better looking than me

After spotting that the Midland’s Job Centres started to look more and more like Love Island rehearsals, Tutti Recruitti spoke with the Leicester Mercury’s #17 most presentable regional sales manager, Connor Attheart, who’d declined all these people for his sales team: The Prospect Persuaders.

“It’s simple, sex sells. As the sales manager, I have to also be the number one salesman. I can’t have all these stunners outperforming me for flexing an ab, or showing a bit of cleavage, how will they ever respect me if they’re selling more?

The best sales people work hard, and I find the uglies work a lot harder because they have to impress more on their knowledge of our product. I won’t have luck playing a role in my team”

We caught up with one such rejected applicant who has asked we keep his identity anonymous.

“I never thought that my looks would hold me back in life, as someone with over 450 Instagram followers I thought walking into a sales job would be easy. When I heard I didn’t get the job because of my looks I was distraught, I couldn’t even bring myself to talk about it on Snapchat.”

In other news, applications for the Abercrombie & Fitch store in Birmingham have reached record highs

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