Sub-par Recruiters stick letters after their name

July 16, 2018



The OFREC 2017 annual recruitment agency census has just been published and once again the results offer some real insight into the underbelly of the industry.


If 2015 was the year of ringing the bell and 2016 was all about the decline of Friday beers; the theme for 2017 is letters.


CIPD, CertRP, MIRP, FIRP, TWERP. We've all the seen them stuck on the end of a name on a CV or LinkedIn profile.


Obviously, that means that the individual in question has gained a recognised industry qualification and that's a good thing right?




The census actually shows that 88% of recruiters with letters after their name are failing to bring in their revenue targets.


Furthermore, they are less likely to align themselves with company culture and change jobs every 14 months. The letters are purely used to divert attention away from poor sales figures.


Tutti's advice for Hiring Managers is to set your ATS to auto-reject any applicants with letters after their name, allowing you more time to focus on the strong candidates.

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