I make candidates sit in silence

After a candidate broke a Non Disclosure Agreement and revealed all on GlassDoor, FTSE 100 Talent Director Samuel Jacobs spoke with Tutti Recruitti;

"Firstly thank you to GlassDoor for removing the NDA contravention as swiftly as they did

It is vitally important that the candidate is not aware of certain interview practices prior to arrival. The opportunity to prepare would lead to an unfair advantage

The NDA breach discussed our 'silence test'. This measures a candidates ability to conform, follow instruction and take in information

The candidate enters the silence chamber and is met with a simple set of instructions;

1. Remain silent for 30 minutes

2. The horn will sound intermittently

3. At the end of the test, write down the number of times the horn was sounded and exit the room

Circumstances have now led to this test being removed from the process. It is a shame that one candidates inability to sit in silence for 30 minutes not only cost him the job, but us a invaluable interview technique"

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