Never tell the interviewer your current salary

After the Hamsgate Rush salary scandal hit the London Evening Standard, the man at the centre of the controversy, Andark Utterz, reached out to Tutti Recruitti;

"I don't like the person I have become. I deserved to be fired and can only beg for forgiveness

I used to be all about candidate experience and offering the deserved salary. Now I am all about cost save and undercutting

It all started because of financial pressures. If I couldn't prove my worth to the business I would be out on my arse. So I came up with a plan

I knew candidates were continuously being undercut during salary negotiations, but there has never been a formal process. So I implemented the 'undercut cost save' (UCS)

This is how UCS operated

- After the first stage interview confirm the salary the candidate deserves. For arguments sake lets say £80,000

- At the second stage we confirm the candidates current salary. Lets say £50,000

- Current market climate calls for a 5% uplift

- Candidate offered £52,500

- Cost save = £27,500

I am not proud of how I acted, but did what I had to do"

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