50 Shades of Sheila - The Sheila Diaries - Day 2

July 25, 2018



Why hasn't he given me back my panties? 


Yes I enjoyed bring your pants to work day, but I expected to have them back by now. They have been worn through 4 generations, going all the way back to my Great Great Grandmother Sheila Senior


Lucky pants should be treated with respect. Playing pass the panties. Duck duck panties. All so childish


Nobody spoke to me on my first day back. But I felt good vibes filtering through the air conditioning vent into my broom cupboard. Closet probation is finally up tomorrow. I can't wait to navigate the office


There is one particular person that caught my eye during lunch. That hunky canteen man Derek. I swear he gave everyone else one scoop of mash, but he gave me 2! I don't like to equate love to money, but that scoop was worth £1.20


It's jacket potato day today, so I hope he gives me a good filling

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