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If you can’t fit through the window, you can’t work for us

In 2015 we saw weight restrictions placed on offshore folk travelling in helicopters. In 2018 one man has put similar restrictions on office workers. We caught up with high end confectionary giant Alexander Chubb at his London head office;

“We work in a Grade I listed building. And it is for health and safety reasons alone that I have had to implement this ruling

In the event of a fire employees have to exit via the window. Anyone with a waist greater than 38 inches cannot fit

Political correctness somehow outweighs health &safety in the 21st century. I said we shouldn’t be hiring larger individuals, but we carried on doing it anyway

We had a fire alarm drill last month and one employee got stuck in the window meaning no one else could exit. This would have meant 85% of my work force would have been trapped in a burning building

Thankfully health & safety has prevailed and my new waist rulings have been given the go ahead. That's one big problem I now don't have to worry about”

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