I make candidates interview at 3am

After she YouTube shamed a candidate for falling asleep at interview, Recruitment Manager Barbara Smith, the woman behind both the camera and the policy spoke with us;

"Who the hell falls asleep during an interview!

Yes I have nearly fallen asleep during copious candidate bore fests, but the candidate themselves should be wide eyed and bushy tailed ready for the question onslaught

Wow a candidate took a half day and turned up for interview at 2pm. What sort of commitment does that show? Nothing

But can anyone adjust their body clock and show up for interview energised at 3am? Nope. The perfect commitment illustrator

Not only is this an excellent test of commitment but also a sensible business decision. I don't have time to go back and forth with suitable times and dates wasting my time. No candidates diary is busy at 3am. One phone call and boom the interview is arranged

This policy has successfully ran for 6 months with nobody ever falling asleep. As soon as this candidate started nodding off I quickly took my phone out and recorded it. It was hilarious! Highly advise you check out the video"

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