I tagged a friend in on a LinkedIn post and he got fired

August 2, 2018



After a tagging led to a firing, we caught up with newly unemployed IT Security Consultant Tim Fisher;


“Never allow your friends/colleagues to tag you into a LinkedIn post. Go to your security settings and change it now. In hindsight if I had done that I would still be in the job I loved today


The LinkedIn post in question was of a toilet and read;


'Tag a friend who thinks their boss is shit'


Right then and there my career was flushed down the toilet. For the 1 second of fun my ex friend experienced, I'm suffering from pain daily


My boss saw the post and lost his marbles. Within 5 minutes of the tagging I was out on my arse for breaching contract via gross misconduct 


Whatever you do, don't allow your friends to tag you in on LinkedIn!"


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