I'm done hiring uninspired, lazy ass people

We all know the importance of exercise, and that protein is king. One man taking that to the next level is Jack Swole, MD of Swaffham’s fastest growing recruitment agency, Soup.

Since Jack started CrossFit, he’s done hiring uninspired, lazy ass people

‘CrossFit is more than a work out, it’s a way of life. I want my staff to be as happy (and fit) as me, so figured I’d do something outside the box to make sure we’re hiring the right mindset.’

Jack started by conducting walking interviews.

‘Getting people on their feet, keeping the pace, using the natural movements of the body to get the blood flowing before the competency questions. After a few laps, I ask them to carry boxes of our corporate brochures, and if that goes well, I introduce a sort of ‘W.O.D’. As we walk, I start dropping stuff, getting them to bend and pick it up for me.

As the meeting progresses, I start knocking boxes of A4 paper in their way, gets them jumping. Sometimes I ask for help pushing the photocopier to a new spot, or to stack some desks.

It’s about getting them in the zone, using what they have. It’s easy to see how motivated someone is to be a team player.’

Thanks to guest journalist Carrie Callaghan