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Finding a job can be very stressful

Finding a job can be very stressful, searching for the right job, tidying your CV, smartening yourself up for an interview and negotiating a good salary

That’s why more and more are looking to Tutti Recruitti to get some world-famous insider knowledge to learn more We caught up with Justin Different, who shared some of his wisdom on how to get started

“It’s a numbers game really, you’ve got to get yourself noticed, however possible. I pulled my 27-page CV together, randomly emboldened a few buzz words about leadership or something, picked a company careers page at random and fired it off to over 100 jobs in one sitting!“

“Just think about it, every manager in that company will know my name and that I am willing to work in any job, in any office for any money. It shows how flexible I am willing to be and if there is one thing I know for sure is that employers want flexibility”

When asked about the results of his revolutionary approach Justin Added:

“Well, it's only been a few months since I applied and they’ve not called yet; but I’m sure they have to give these things their full consideration. My phone is working though, my mum called me just yesterday to remind me I’m late giving her this weeks rent”

Thanks to guest journalist Lee Davis

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