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I shot a horse to to demonstrate how serious I am to my employees

After it made Online Daily Mail headline news, Triple Glazing entrepreneur Bob Parker, told us why it is acceptable to shoot a horse;

"When 70% of the population have double glazing, and 25% have single glazing windows, it should not be bloody difficult to sell triple glazing!

I expect my sales team to have at least a 80% call conversion rate. However this crap lot were maxing out at about 20%

Threat after threat was not taken seriously. No lunch break, no ping pong, no leaving before 7pm, no sick leave. None of it worked

So at the last meeting I warned the team if sales did not reach my anticipated call conversion level, I would buy a horse, march it into the car park, and shoot it dead

A week went past and while the conversion rate increased slightly to 78%, it did not reach my easily achievable goal of 80%

My employees laughed as I encouraged them to gather in the car park. But this threat was no joke. Bang

The horse cost £500, and after threatening shooting another 2, sales have rocketed to a 90% conversion rate meaning an extra £110,000 profit in comparison to the previous month. Best £500 I have ever spent"

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